The Wild Wind E​.​P.

by The Deep Wile

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The Deep Wile Are :
Tim McBride- Vocals, Guitar
Matt Alexander- Drums, b vocals
Andy McMaster- Bass, Lap Steel, b vocals


released February 20, 2013

Available on CD, Digital Download, and Vinyl version coming soon!


all rights reserved



The Deep Wile Olympia, Washington

RootsPunkBlues from the Northwest

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Track Name: My Loving Arms Again
Ever since you went away,
I have been so lonesome
Blue as the sky in my
wishful winter dream
A 737 carried you
to the edge of another ocean
and i'll be walkin the floor in the pouring rain
until you come back to me
To Hold you In, My loving Arms Again
that will be the only cure to this
Condition that I am In
I miss you more with each day gone by, and I
count them down until when
I get to hold you in My Loving Arms Again
The pleasures in this life
just seem better when you're around me
you an i sure know how to make
our time together feel
like we shot out of a cannon
that we loaded with a promise
and snuck into heaven when no one was looking
on a bond as strong as steel
Track Name: Diamond Mine
I was digging a real deep hole for quite some time it’s true
I thought I might make it down to the center of the earth
because I give my best shot to everything that I do
And just when I was ready for the great collapse
Seal me in I did declare, I found I diamond in the darkest mine
And now I’m coming up for air
I found a diamond in the darkest mine
And if I can make it to the surface on time
I will live for every moment she shines
That little diamond of mine
Digging a hole with my two hands A little deeper every day
The lower that I let myself slip down
The little light I had left seemed to slip away
And with no light left and just half a breath
I sat waiting on closing time
But now I’m scrambling to make it back to the surface again
Because I found a little something that shines
I found a diamond in the darkest mine
And if I can make it to the surface on time
I will live for every moment she shines
That little diamond of mine
How many lonesome nights will you spend
Your breakdown just around the bend
How many loathsome nights will you spend
Dancing on the edge of an accident
If you’re down in dark old mine and you can’t see no light anywhere
Reach out with your heart not your eyes or arms to see your way out of there
Go ahead and shine a little light of your own
You might bounce it off a precious stone
And that stone might go and bounce it back bright
And turn your dark little world into a whole new life
Track Name: Forgotten Highways
The remains of a love that withered and died lying silently side by side
The days grow around them collecting the time
Two old cars with worn parts we can’t seem to find
Too locked down for leaving too stable to fall
Just waiting for the weather (whether) or not you’ll notice at all
Dig us out of this patch we’ve grown into
I don’t want to stay here for the rest of my days
Shake off the rust and let’s rebuild our engines
And go find ourselves on forgotten highways
When all of the paths have become familiar
And all of the laughter is saddled with sighs
A left turn can help you find what you’re after
Before you stall and get buried by the wild berry vines
Dig us out of this patch we’ve grown into
I don’t want to stay here for the rest of my days
Shake off the rust and let’s rebuild our engines
And go find ourselves on forgotten highways
Don’t forget what you are even when you get tired
And you’re feeling the burden of all of the miles
You carried the weight of our love within you
And we depended upon you like a helpless child
Track Name: Last Chance Passing
Nothing worth a damn
is ever too easy to come by
Nothing worth it's weight
is ever too heavy to bear
i know there's something great
waiting at the end of all your troubles
i just hope that you can hang on
long enough to make it there
i know it's hard to tune out
the little voice that fills your heart with doubt
when you're so far down
you think it's never gonna get better now
but hold your head above, the rushing river
and feel what you feared fall behind
grab ahold of your last chance passing
and drag yourself back to life
The last time i saw you
you were up to your old ways
you had on a hat, you told everybody that
you were bound to change
and i cant say i was too surprised
you see you in that shape again
it just hurts to see the shining light
that you are grow so dim
you'll scrape your feet a few times
on the rocks along the way
but you'll stand above these small defeats
upon dry land someday
Track Name: Hold The Wild Wind Out
Seven dark clouds just rolled in
about to steal the sun
a breath of daylight is all that's left
and the longing has begun
the highway is calling me
it just wont let me sleep
restless spirits on the wind
sing their sad songs to me
they sound like tired daydreams
dancing in the rain
two steps from a trip on the track
and the kiss of a coming train

You've been headed down
for so long now
how will you ever rise?
I have my doubts
your torn coat will hold the wild wind out
that's blowing all the blessings from your eyes

I'm so tired of you trying so hard
to act like you never try
the grey moon bouncing off the silver spoon
that lights the path of a life passed by
I made my way through your hollow eyes
where i found a place to rest
in the trenches of the night "where i got it right"
that's where i loved you the best
all arms , no heart
all arms, no heart
all arms, no heart
all your charms
are buried in yesterday's backyard
Track Name: The Dark Part of Your Heart
You were going south, with some skill
just a little bit north of nowheresville
And you were in between
Throwing down, and throwing up
You followed a path of danger signs
until you wound up riding a downhill slide
being carried down a river
you were always dreaming of rowing up
Admitting you were wrong ain't easy,
and turning around is hard
you spent so long believing
you were holding the winning card
and now that you aren't...
The dark part of your heart
eclipsing the gold, as your lips spill each cold remark
don't let the dark, part of your heart
grow to consume all of who you are
You were always south of sincere
just a little bit north of being here
and you were in between
going down, and growing up
you made a choice and braced yourself for the ride
and when the wheels fell off you realized
just how much you miss her when nobody's
there to listen to you owning up
Don't Let dark part of your heart,
grow to consume all of who you are
Track Name: The Things That Matter The Most
hey Friend, its been a few beers
lets shed some tears for the missing years
throw back a few of our troubles and fears
I'm sure that we'll be here all night
Everything and nothing has changed
Change is all when nothing remains
a little less hair and more aches and pains
but we're still doing alright
With all the lessons that we learned
bridges lost from the love's we've burned
it's absurd to think of the things
we though that mattered the most
we worked so hard doing nothing at all
nailing our hearts up against the wall
dying over and over for a cause so small
it wouldn't even leave a ghost
hey friend, it's been hours
we brought dirty water to the long dead flowers
and while we can walk off under our own power
i think we'd better head for home
it's sure been nice seeing where we've been
but we'd better start moving so we don't dig in,
and let the lying down and dying begin
until they write our names in stone
Will you know when it matters the most?!
Track Name: Learning To Let It Go
You’ve been trying so hard to hold on
To a moment in time that’s long since gone
With your collection of souvenirs
Soaked with the reminders of all the spilled years
Worn like a weight around your neck
And you just won’t let it down you just can’t forget
You’ve been living like a old photograph
You remain unchanged but you show your age
Through the rough edges and cracks
Just stuck up on that yellow wall
Watching the world pass you by coming unglued every fall
Until someone kindly comes and tears you down
And you begin to live again in the new life you’ve found
You’ve been learning to let it go
You can’t move forward looking backward very far I suppose
You’ve been learning to let it go
You can’t hold on to all that’s gone any more than the melting snow